Keeping it cool!
Jessica's story 

What do you do? New neighborhood, new school, no friends, and the words won't come; how do you make it in a world filled with strangers, in a place where you do not want to be? Learn how Jessica takes heed and adjust. Read more.
 Isaiah's Story

Every day, Isaiah's grandmother picks him up from school. She has been doing this since he was six years old; Grandma is who taught Isaiah about the world of dreams and imagination. She always encourages him to dream, and, too, to strive to be the best that he can be . . . The principal had to tell fifteen year old Isaiah that his grandmother passed away from a heart attack. Read more.

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Speaking Up!
From a Mom

Dedicated to
and Bailey

You wait to be sixteen
You wait to be eighteen
You wait to be twenty-one
The next thing you know 
You are 26
Then 46
Then 66
Regina is right,
Time flies by
Like a bird in the sky!

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By Regina Mazur

When I was a kid
I wished to grow big
I wanted so bad to grow up
Now I am not a kid
It happened so quick
The years flew by like a spark
I want to go back
I want to keep track
Of games that I played day and night
I want back the times
That were carefree
And future that had always seemed bright
When mommy and dad have put me to bed
And read me the stories I loved
The dreams that I had while lying in bed
And animals that were stuffed
My friends on the playground
That were around
To play and have fun everyday
And thinking that this is the way it will be
And this is the way it would stay
The puppy I had
Who’s gotten me mad
Each time he would not fetch a stick
And how my mom let me skip school on days
I made her believe I was sick
I wish I could stop the time that flew by
And let it slow down a bit
It passed by so quick like a bird in the sky
I hardly had time to blink
I now tell my kids
To treasure the time
That they take for granted of course
And why do they want to grow up so fast
I don’t think that anyone knows
I treasure each day and I treasure each night
As years go by out of sight
But knowing that I am a kid in my heart
Makes things always turn out all right. 
From a Mom

Dedicated to
and Sam

Be the sunshine.
Be the example,
that you want to
leave behind.
Be courageous.
Be my heroes!

Wants to see you fly
Like birds in the sky
All to fulfill
What is in your 
It's the little things,
found in minutes 
that will be 
 Andy's Story

Andy’s story is not unusual. He keeps to himself not out of choice but out of necessity; he feels that he must. He’d been warned to keep his silence and he was smart enough to know that he better heed the warning, but then again, should he? Isn’t his silence what allows Andy’s problem to continue?
Read about Andy.

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